Hospice and Veterans

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Hospices all over the country work closely with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) to ensure that veterans and their families have access to excellent care at the end of life. ?The National Hospice and Palliative Organization collaborates with the VA through a program called “We Honor Veterans.”

When a patient is admitted to hospice they are asked if they have ever served in the military. ?This provide information, not only about their benefits through the VA, but in gathering information about their military stories and/or unfinished military business.

Veterans may have special needs at the end of life that are different from civilian populations who have not participated in active duty or fought on the front lines of war. ?Hospice provides a way to make sure all their needs are met by working closely with the VA and supporting them through all members of the hospice team.

To learn more about Hospice and Veterans go to the “Courses” page and download the Hospice and Veterans?in-service for hospice aides.

Hospice serves those who have served us and we THANK them for protecting our freedom and keeping our country safe!