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Communication Skills


Overview & Objectives

Communication skills are essential in hospice and healthcare in general for quality care, safety, and building relationships.  Hospice aides can foster positive relationships with patients, families, co-workers, and other staff by using effective communication skills.  This module covers the following components of effective communication:  Verbal, non-verbal, listening, barriers to communication, and conflict resolution.  The learning objectives for this module include:

  • Discuss the importance of effective communication
  • Review the primary components of communication
  • Describe the barriers to effective communication
  • Discuss the importance of body language
  • Analyze the role of the hospice aide in conflict resolution


  • Learning Module
  • Module Extra:  Zones of Personal Space in the U.S.
  • Test Questions
  • Instructor Answer Key
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Evaluation Form
  • Certificate of Attendance