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Overview & Objectives

The history of dementia in written texts dates back to the 7th century B.C., and by all accounts it was believed to be a normal part of aging for centuries. (Keep in mind that many people did not live long enough to develop dementia). It was not until the 1800’s, when anatomists discovered changes in the brain associated with dementia, that it was no longer considered a normal part of aging. Since then several types of dementia have been identified aside from Alzheimer’s, and this module contains a description of other common types seen in hospice. It contrasts the signs, symptoms, and lifespans of other dementias and differences among them [For an in-depth review of Alzheimer’s see next module]. The following learning objectives for this module include:

  • Discuss the history of dementias
  • List types of dementias other than Alzheimer’s
  • Review lifespan and treatment of other dementias
  • Identify differences between other dementias and Alzheimer’s
  • Brief hospice aide review of immobility and feeding in dementia patients (Alzheimer’s module covers the hospice aide’s role in more depth)


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