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Everyday Relaxation Techniques


Overview & Objectives

This inservice is a follow-up to the The Mind-Body Connection. It contains a brief review of the mind-body connection and highlights activities in everyday life that can be used to manage stress: Music, exercise, social connectedness, volunteering, humor, hobbies, nature, forgiveness, gratitude, random acts of kindness, and mindfulness. Completion of The Mind-Body Connection inservice is recommended as a prerequisite to this module. The emphasis for hospice aides is learning how to manage their own stress to be in a better position to help patients and families with their stress. This module contains the following learning objectives:

  • Read a brief review of the stress response
  • Identify everyday activities for stress management
  • Discuss the rationale for daily stress management
  • Review mindfulness in everyday life
  • Develop a regular practice of self-care


  • Learning Module
  • Discussion Topics
  • Test Questions
  • Instructor Answer Key
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Evaluation Form
  • Certificate of Attendance