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Post Mortem Care


Overview & Objectives

Hospice aides may be asked to assist with post mortem care if they are present at the time of a patient’s death. This inservice covers the preparation and duties of hospice aides when providing post mortem care. It contains a brief review of the signs and symptoms of imminent death, and team procedures for attending a patient’s death. Specific steps for performing post mortem care within the scope of practice are covered, as well as providing support to the family at the time of death. A section describing unusual circumstances or traumatic deaths involving the medical examiner is also included in addition to a brief discussion of organ and tissue donation in hospice. This module contains the following learning objectives:

  • Describe symptoms of impending death and team procedures for attending a death
  • List the steps involved in post mortem care within the hospice aide scope of practice
  • Define the role of the medical examiner in hospice deaths
  • Review responsibilities before and after a traumatic, suspicious, or unexpected death
  • Discuss the issues surrounding organ/tissue donation and hospice
  • Summarize the responsibilities of the hospice aide in post mortem care


  • Learning Module
  • Discussion Topics: Post Mortem Care
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  • Instructor Answer Key
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