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Overview & Objectives

It is believed that tuberculosis existed long before humans inhabited the planet. The first evidence of tuberculosis in humans dates back to the Neolithic era 9,000 years ago. Over centuries and eons it has gone through cycles of low incidence and risk, to epidemic proportions and massive mortality rates. This inservice reviews the history of TB, causes, how it is spread, symptoms, the incidence and risk factors, testing for tuberculosis, treatments, and the global implications of tuberculosis. It also includes a section describing the role of hospice aides and measures used to prevent tuberculosis in hospice settings. The following learning objectives for this module include:

  • Discuss the origin and causes of tuberculosis
  • List the symptoms of tuberculosis
  • Review the incidence and risk factors for patients and healthcare workers
  • Review diagnosis and testing for tuberculosis
  • Discuss treatment for latent and active tuberculosis
  • Discuss the hospice aide’s role in tuberculosis prevention


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