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Near Death Experiences


Overview & Objectives

With advances in cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the 1970’s an unexpected phenomenon began to occur worldwide:  reports of near death experiences happening with more frequency.  This inservice is a review of the research on the controversial subject of the near death experience (NDE).  It contains the growing global awareness of NDEs as well as the following:  Classic features, clinical circumstances, aftereffects, and the controversies surrounding them.  It also includes NDEs in children, blind people, and distressing NDEs, with easy to understand explanations about how they occur from scientists who are either believers or skeptics.  This module is a prerequisite to Nearing Death Awareness (NDA) on the website course list which is directly applicable to hospice aides, patients, and families.  The learning objectives for this module include:


  • Describe the incidence of NDEs since the 1970’s
  • List the clinical circumstances involving NDEs
  • List the classic features of NDEs
  • Discuss the aftereffects of NDEs
  • Analyze the controversies surrounding NDEs


  • Learning Module
  • Group Exercise:  Discussion Topics
  • Module Extra:  NDE Quotes
  • Test Questions
  • Instructor Answer Key
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Evaluation Form
  • Certificate of Attendance