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Pain Management


Overview & Objectives

Pain management in hospice is based on a holistic model of physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care, and this inservice is an overview of the interdisciplinary approach to pain management. It covers a brief history of pain management going back to ancient times, the elements necessary for effective pain management, tools used by clinicians for assessing pain, types of pain, treatment protocols, and barriers to effective pain management. It also includes non-verbal signs of pain and non-pharmaceutical comfort measures. The role of the hospice aide in pain management is addressed throughout. This module contains the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the history of pain management
  • Review the components of a pain assessment
  • List pain assessment tools
  • Describe types of pain and non-verbal pain assessment
  • Discuss barriers to effective pain management
  • List non-pharmaceutical methods of comfort
  • Describe the hospice aide’s role in pain management


  • Learning Module
  • Discussion Topics/Case Study
  • Test Questions
  • Instructor Answer Key
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Evaluation Form
  • Certificate of Attendance