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Caring for HIV/AIDS Patients


Overview & Objectives

The first identified case of HIV in a human was in 1959 and since then the number of cases and treatment for HIV/AIDS has gone through dramatic changes worldwide.  This module covers the early history of HIV/AIDS, how it is transmitted from person to person (including how it is NOT transmitted), and the basic physiology of how it progresses. Hospice eligibility for patients with HIV/AIDS is included as well as common symptoms in the final stages and comfort measures within the hospice aide’s scope of practice related to nutrition/digestion, weakness/fatigue, functional, and mental status changes. Hospice aide documentation and symptoms that should be reported to the nurse are also reviewed.  The learning objectives for this module include:

  • Review history and progression of HIV/AIDS
  • Describe the criteria necessary for hospice eligibility
  • Discuss transmission of HIV/AIDS
  • Describe common symptoms and comfort measures in the final stages
  • List important documentation and symptoms to report to the nurse


  • Learning Module
  • Group Exercise:  Comfort Measures for HIV/AIDS Patients
  • Test Questions
  • Instructor Answer Key
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Evaluation Form
  • Certificate of Attendance